Forensic Meteorologists and Property Insurance Claims

Forensic Meteorologists and Property Insurance Claims

How forensic meteorologists can assist with your insurance claims.

If you regularly check the weather report on the news, then you will often hear the weather person referred to as a meteorologist. These experts know how to read weather patterns and can predict what types of weather conditions you will encounter throughout the week. A subset of these experts is known as forensic meteorologists. Not only do they know how to predict the weather, but they also know how various weather patterns impact property damage or a crime scene. Today, insurance companies rely on the expertise of forensic meteorologists to help them investigate homeowners insurance claims. Here’s how these special scientists can assist with your homeowners insurance in Astoria, New York.

  • What is a Forensic Meteorologist?

Forensic meteorologists are weather investigators who reconstruct past weather events to determine how they might have affected a property or caused damage.

  • Why Do Forensic Meteorologists Get Involved with Insurance?

When you file a property claim, such as a claim for roof damage, your insurance company will send out a claims adjuster to investigate the damage. It is the adjuster’s job to assess the extent of the damage, determine what caused the damage, and decide if the homeowner will receive coverage. If the homeowner claims that the damage is weather-related and the adjuster has doubts about it, then they may call in a forensic meteorologist to get their opinion. Because forensic meteorologists specialize in reconstructing weather events and understanding the damage they caused, they can tell your claims adjuster if the claim was caused by extreme weather conditions.

  • How Forensic Meteorologists Reduce Insurance Fraud

When an insurance company calls in forensic meteorologists, they can verify whether property damage was actually caused by weather as the homeowner claims. This second opinion ensures that homeowners do not get away with filing fraudulent claims and stealing money from the insurance company. If you are a responsible homeowner who would never file a fake insurance claim, you may wonder how this affects you. Well, reducing instances of fraud is beneficial for everyone insured under the carrier. This is because when an insurance company pays out a ton of claims, they tend to charge higher premiums from all their clients to make up for this cost. When fraudulent claims are not paid out, this ensures that everyone saves on their coverage.

This is what you need to know about forensic meteorologists and how they can affect your property insurance claims. Do you have additional questions about your homeowners insurance in Astoria, New York? If so, then contact the experts at 01 insurance for the assistance that you need today.