Homeowners Insurance: Does It Cover Termite Damage

Homeowners Insurance: Does It Cover Termite Damage

When you experience damage to your home caused by an accident or a sudden, unexpected event, you file a claim against your homeowners insurance. Termite damage or damage caused by other pests is neither sudden nor accidental. If you uncover this damage, your homeowners policy will not cover the repair costs. Part of this is that termite and other pest damage are preventable.

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Can Termites Cause Damage to My Home?

Termites can cause extensive damage throughout your home without knowing they are there. They can damage the structure of your home, its foundation, furniture, and personal items. They thrive deep in your home and can chew through metal, plastic, and plaster. Unless you find them early on, they may be able to live undetected for several years.

How Do I Find Termite Damage in My Home?

You can look for several things if termites are invading your home. The following are the most common and are usually the first signs that you may have a problem.

  • Termite Tunnels – Termite tunnels are small, tubular channels that may look like a vine or worm tunnel in your foundation, walls, and floors. These tunnels may not look like much, but they can go deep into the wood structure of your home and furniture, causing weakness.


  • Wood Damage – Wood damage can appear as carvings, piles of wood dust, or soft areas. If you hear a hollow sound when you tap on pieces of wood, it’s a good sign that termite tunnels may exist.


  • Irregular Flooring – When termites start to cause damage to your flooring, the wood may begin to sag or buckle. You may start to hear creaking as the boards weaken. On the surface, it may appear that the area has experienced some water damage.


  • Termites – If you see insects that look like pale yellow ants with wings, those are termites. Termites are also known to have straight antennae and two identical sets of wings. Sometimes they lose their wings as they work their way through certain areas.

The only true termite “insurance” is prevention. Have your home inspected thoroughly and call an exterminator to treat your home two or three times a year. The goal is to catch termite insurance before it becomes too severe. Making repairs as soon as you notice the damage is the best option if you have gotten rid of the termites.

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