Insuring Coastal Property In New York

Insuring Coastal Property In New York

The Process Of Insuring Your New York Coastal Property

Lots of Americans dream of living by the water. Whether you want to live on the bluffs overlooking the tumultuous sea, are hoping to be able to paddle out from your property into a calm strait, or want to be able to put your toes in the sand in your front yard, you are not alone in your desire to live seaside.

Unfortunately, insuring coastal property in New York is becoming increasingly difficult. Here is a quick look at how to get covered seaside.

Recently, many of the biggest insurance companies have released the announcement that they will no longer be offering coverage in coastal areas. They are making this change in order to limit their exposure to risk, as they have had difficulty assuming the expense that a hurricane can bring. Unfortunately, this has left many families living near the beach struggling to get the coverage they need. This is especially concerning since our hurricane season started June 1st.

Fortunately, these families can still get coverage, they just need to know where to go for it. 01 Insurance is unique in that it is able to write insurance not just near the ocean, but on the coast itself. We have worked hard with our insurance providers to be able to offer you coverage no matter where your house is located.

Want to get New York homeowners insurance for your house right by the water? To talk with experts on insuring coastal property, contact 01 Insurance in Astoria. We know that living near the beach is a dream, and do not want to let covering that dream turn into a nightmare. For all of your Astoria, New York home insurance needs—no matter how close to the water you live—call us today.