Home Insurance in Astoria, NY Makes Insuring Valuable Gifts Easy!

Home Insurance in Astoria, NY Makes Insuring Valuable Gifts Easy!

If you receive valuable gifts during the holiday season, use your home insurance in Astoria, NY to make insuring them simple and straightforward.

During the holiday season, we show the important people in our lives how much we care by offering gifts. Valuable gifts are an extremely generous, thoughtful way for someone to tell you how much they value you. If you receive a pricey gift, you’ll want to protect it. The giver has shown they care through the gift, and now it’s your responsibility to care for it. Doing just that is easy if you use your home insurance in Astoria, NY.

You may be thinking your home’s policy can’t possibly cover your valuable gifts and, in a way, you’re right. Your home’s coverage has policy limits that cap how much it can pay out for certain valuables like art, jewelry, furs, etc. That means that if your valuable gifts exceed your policy limits, they’re left exposed.

You don’t need to run out and individually insure each item, though! There’s a much easier way to protect your gifts: scheduling them into your existing policy. When you schedule an item, it’s specifically named on your policy and is insured for its full value. If scheduled items are damaged or stolen, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be able to replace them without financial burden!

Scheduled coverage is also affordable. Generally, it costs somewhere between $1 and $3 for every $100 of coverage annually. By scheduling items, you can use your home insurance to protect your valuables even if they’re worth more than your policy limits!

If you would like more information about scheduling items into your home insurance in Astoria, NY contact 01 Insurance. Our expert team can help you decide which valuable gifts need to be scheduled and ensure they have protection for their full value. Let us safeguard what you value most; call us today!