Ways to Save Money (Hint: Stop Spending!)

Ways to Save Money (Hint: Stop Spending!)

If you’re looking for ways to save money, use these tips to keep more of your own money in your pocket.

Where does your money go? If you’ve ever felt like your money just floated away, you’re not alone. All too many of us know the sensation that comes with opening our wallets, thinking we had cash, and finding them empty.

If you want to get serious about holding onto your money, use these ways to save. Here’s a hint: they all break down to simply not spending.

  • Define Needs vs. Wants. How frequently do you buy things you classify as a need that you could live perfectly fine without? We’re thinking of that fancy shampoo, extra jacket, Netflix and Hulu subscriptions, top shelf alcohol, etc. Start learning to name wants for what they are, and start learning to limit those purchases.
  • Get Help. It’s incredibly hard to stop spending when your friends are inviting you to the mall, your family wants to go the movies, and your spouse wants to hit happy hour. Tell the people in your life about your goal to save, and ask them to support you.
  • Reuse. Odds are, you have tons of stuff in your home that doesn’t get used. Dig through your closet, pulling out pieces you haven’t worn in a while and finding new ways to wear them. Cook with all those cans in your pantry that have been there for months. Re-watch the movies you own but haven’t seen recently. You’ll be surprised how many (free!) resources you have right in your own home.

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