Suprising Statistics About Car Thefts

Suprising Statistics About Car Thefts

These car theft statistics might surprise you and might affect your auto insurance in Astoria, NY.

In the last 23 years, the number of vehicles stolen annually has been decreasing. Car thefts hit a high of 1,661,738 in 1991, but just 689,527 vehicles were stolen last year, the FBI reveals in their Uniform Crime Reports.

The decrease in this kind of theft shows in our mentality. According to a Gallop poll, over half of Americans never or rarely ever worry about having their car stolen. There are a few states that might need to worry more than others about this issue, but luckily, New York isn’t one of them! Here are the top ten states with the most motor vehicle thefts in 2014.

  1. California (151,852 thefts)
  2. Texas (68,546)
  3. Florida (42,579)
  4. Washington (30,647)
  5. Georgia (26,854)
  6. Michigan (21,157)
  7. Ohio (18,015)
  8. Arizona (17,587)
  9. Illinois (17,451)
  10. Missouri (16,357)

If you’re a Honda owner in California, you should be especially concerned! Here are the top five most frequently stolen types of cars last year.

  1. Honda Accord
  2. Honda Civic
  3. Full-size Ford Pickup
  4. Full-size Chevrolet Pickup
  5. Toyota Camry

Be especially wary against car theft on New Year’s Day and Halloween, as those two holidays have the most cases of stolen cars. The good news? You can worry less on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, which both report 400+ fewer car thefts than the other major holidays!

While living in a neighborhood with a high risk of theft could increase your auto insurance rates, the experts at 01 Insurance can show you how to combat that (e.g. by parking your car in a garage) to keep your Astoria, New York auto insurance premiums as affordable as possible. Contact us today to make sure you have the comprehensive coverage you need to be protected against theft at the price you deserve.