Tips For Computer Eye Strain Relief

Tips For Computer Eye Strain Relief

How to give your eyes relief from computer strain.

More and more of us are finding ourselves at jobs that require regular computer use. While a little time at the screen here and there doesn’t pose a serious threat to our eye health, hours spent continuously staring at the computer can cause fatigue, red eye, and eye twitches. In fact, eye strain and similar symptoms are exhibited in at least half of computer workers.

Employers who think these are not serious issues should think again; employees who report eye strain also have decreased productivity and a higher number of errors on the job. If you are one of the many people who finds yourself looking at a screen all day, here are a few tips for computer eye strain relief.

  • Go To The Doctor: Routinely get a comprehensive eye exam so that you can catch eye issues early on and properly treat them. Those who work at computers are recommended to get this type of exam at least once a year.
  • Get Set Up: You can adjust your workstation to minimize strain. Darken your area and move items around so there is no glare off your screen. Turn your screen brightness down until your monitor no longer looks like a light source, and turn up text sizes until you can comfortably see them.
  • Give Yourself A Break: Take the time to blink slowly ten times every 20 minutes to rehydrate your eyes. After you blink, look at something far away for at least 20 seconds. Take short breaks as regularly as possible.

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