Protecting Your Home From Water Damage: Tips & Homeowners Insurance

Protecting Your Home From Water Damage: Tips & Homeowners Insurance

Astoria, NY Homeowners Insurance & This Guide Can Minimize Water Damage

We tend to see water as a safe substance. You let your kids drink it, you shower yourself in it, you give it to your plants. The problem is that this clear, odorless liquid can wreak havoc on your home if it leaks out unchecked. In fact, just a minimal leak can spell major damage to your home and your personal property.

The good news is that you can take steps to protect your home. To safeguard against water damage, carry Astoria, NY homeowners insurance and use this guide.

  • Check For Hidden Leaks: Take a couple of hours when no one is home to check your water meter. Take a look at your meter, then do not use your water for two hours. Check the meter again, and if it is not exactly the same know that you have a leak somewhere in your home that you should address.
  • Look At Your Caulk: Look at the caulking and sealing around your showers, tubs, and windows to make sure that your home is watertight and safeguarded from water seepage.
  • Turn It Off: Coming home from a vacation to find your home flooded would feel like a nightmare. Avoid this by turning off the water supply to your washing machine while you are away.
  • Care For Your Gutters: Make sure the downspouts of all of your gutters pour out on a grade away from your home’s foundation. Check your gutters for stoppage and consider installing gutter guards to avoid future clogging.

These efforts can help you protect your home, but in order to ensure you are anchored no matter the water damage you face you need homeowners insurance. This coverage will make sure a wet home does not leave you high and dry financially. To talk to a dedicated team of New York agents, contact 01 Insurance. Serving Astoria and the surrounding area, we can put the right homeowners insurance in place to protect your family against water damage.